About Mitch

The History of Mitch

I was born in Waltham, MA, where I lived for a wonderful four days. Then I crawled to Framingham and built a house. My parents shortly followed. I went to Happy Hollow nursery school, Brophy elementary school, Barbieri middle school, and Framingham South high school. Then went to Clark University in Worcester, where I majored in many things.

After a successful escape in '89, I started full-time at Computerland. I was a salescritter for a while, then a systems engineer. I had multiple personalities; installing Novell networks and doing DTP support. I liked the graphics stuff, and Computerland was clueless, so I left in early '92 to start my own consulting company.

In 1997 I found myself as a homeowner in Douglas, MA, a wonderful little town where Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island come together. I became involved in public service in local government, what some people call politics. I find it incredibly rewarding; I'm sure it's far different than the "real" politics we see on TV. Thus far I've served as a member (and often Chair) of the Board of Selectmen, School Committee, Capital Improvement Committee, Cultural Commission, Cable Advisory Committee, School Building Committee, and search committees for both the Town Administrator and Superintendent of Schools. I am currently a member of the Douglas Board of Selectmen.

On November 1, 2003, I put on a fancy tuxedo and sure enough, someone really amazing followed me down the isle. For our honeymoon, Alysa and I took a four-month cross-country RV trip. Really!

And on January 21, 2007, our daughter Ariella Lee Cohen was born. She takes after her father, creating her very own dot-com the day of her birth!

More information on my technology, my family, and I can be found at mitchcohen.com, alysaandmitch.com, and ariellaleecohen.com.

What I Do

I make my living as President of "Proactive Interactive." The majority of my work is internet strategy, development, and support of creative people and their systems. I've had the opportunity to work with some great clients and projects since going out on my own. If there's something I can help you out with, just let me know.