Company Profile

Proactive Interactive is a company run by me, Mitch Cohen. I am a multimedia developer and consultant operating in New England, here in the upper-righthand corner of the USA. Most clients are in Central and Eastern Massachusetts, with some in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. I started the company in February, 1992.

I do two things. I develop multimedia products, and consult with those creating all forms of multimedia products.


The act or process of developing; growth; progress

I create all sorts of multimedia product. Multimedia has many definitions. I define multimedia in this context as anything computer-related that involves some combination of static visuals, animation, video, and/or sound. In practical terms, I create web pages, electronic presentations, computer-based kiosks, and all forms of electronic marketing. I do not generally create strictly print-based products; just isn't my cup of tea.

In creating multimedia products, a great concern is ease-of-use. I am an interface freak. No matter how much information is contained within a web site, presentation, CD-ROM or kiosk, it's useless without a functional interface. I also love the technology; I truly enjoy putting multimedia technology to good use. Please notice I put usability before technology; being fancy just for the sake of being fancy is not a good thing


Employed in or involved in giving professional advice to the public or to those practicing the profession

I work with all sizes of corporate and educational clients, from the one-person ad agency to some of the largest corporations in the area. My functions vary with the needs of the client, but always involve three stages: product recommentations, installation and training, and post-installation support. All three are very important.

I support both Macintosh and PC systems, and concentrate in prepress and multimedia development sites. I am particularly strong in crossplatform issues, such as a Mac-based department within a primarily PC-based organization. I know all common publishing products inside and out. Please let me know what you use; I've probably taught a class on it!

To get in touch with me, just send an email to, or call 508/476-3429.