Now and then I write some software which may be of interest to others. This is where such things go. Unless otherwise mentioned below, these are all Macintosh scripts and applications. Enjoy.

QuickTime Plugin - display current time JavaScript code to display the current movie time when using the QuickTime browser plugin.

Compressor post-processing with AppleScript

An example script showing how to post-process a file using Compressor and Applescript
MySQL backup and mail A PHP script to back up your MySQL databases to the server, and also email those backups to you. Intended as a crontab entry, but easily adaptable to a web-click script.
iView MediaPro Email Script

iView MediaPro (as of when I'm writing this, version 2.6.2) is horrible about mailing photos. This AppleScript allows you to resize selected photos for mailing. It doesn't alter your originals.


iView MediaPro to iPhoto Script

iPhoto can do some great things that iView cannot, such as easily place photos on your .Mac account, order those nice books from Apple, and work with the myPhoto web-sharing tool. This script takes selected iView photos and imports them into iPhoto, preserving the filename and comments.


Reply using To Script I often receive mail from vendors addressed to unique email addresses I've given them. I may want to reply from that unique address rather than my regular address. This two-part program solves that, using OS X Mail and a simple server-based PHP script. The PHP script can also be useful for other one-time sending purposes.
iPhoto Comment to IPTC Caption script Script to copy the iPhoto "Comment" to the standard IPTC "Caption" field. This uses GraphicConverter as a helper app. It's based on an Apple sample script, but their version opens and recompresses the image in GraphicConverter - leading to loss of image detail, etc. This version doesn't even open the image, and no change to the photo takes place at all. It's quite a bit faster too.

Old stuff: The following applications are a bit old and dusty, but may still be of value to some. They're written for Mac OS 9 and haven't been tested in OS X. The apps not linked below will be added very soon.


WX-200 Application

The WX-200 is a weather monitor made by Oregon Scientific and sold by Radio Shack. It's a pretty good all-in-one gizmo which records temperature, humidity, windspeed, and all sorts of other things. The interface software that comes with the WX-200 is both useless and for Windows only. So I wrote one for the Mac. It logs data and makes pretty little charts.


ADB-IO REALbasic interface

The ADB-IO is a great "real-world" interface for the Mac. Unfortunately it was recently discontinued, although that made some sense since it connects via the ADB port which Apple doesn't put onto Macs anymore. Some folks are working on a USB version. Anyway, I wanted to see what it would take to configure a REALbasic interface to the ADB-IO. REALbasic is a great programming language, and it really wasn't all that hard. This will provide the "guts" to handle the communications.


Serial Hacker
(Currently MIA)

Also written in REALbasic, this is a program to assist in the reverse-engineering of serial devices. Run this on a Mac with two serial ports. Plug your device into one port, and another Mac (or PC) into the other port. On the second Mac run whatever software you have that uses the device. Serial Hacker passes all data between that Mac and the device, and displays the data in various formats. Very handy for making a Mac driver of a Windows-only hardware device, or just figuring out how things work.



Now somewhat of a "classic" application, the WebSucker is a utility to convert Pagemaker files into web pages. This was written long before Pagemaker had this functionality built-in. The WebSucker received mentions in all the major Mac magazines and web sites, and was used by hundreds (possibly thousands) of users from college newspapers to NASA. Really!

I have some thoughts on a new version of WebSucker for the modern age, so stay tuned!


OT/PPP Log Parser

This utility helps analyze the log file generated by OT/PPP, the internet dialup application in Mac OS 8 and 9.